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The Mechanics of Whiplash

Whiplash is a neck injury typically caused by a sudden back-and-forth movement of the head, often due to car accidents, sports injuries, or physical trauma. It strains the neck's muscles Read More

Preventing Back & Neck Pain During Your Sleep

Back & neck pain can occur for many reasons, and can even be caused by problems with how you sleep. At Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista, CA, Dr. Read More

Sport Injuries Treatment Options

Football, tennis, swimming, and other competitive sports pose a certain level of risk for injury. There is also a risk of injury with athletic activities that involve a lot of Read More

Dealing With Whiplash

Dr. Steven Wachs of Wachs Chiropractic Health Center is the chiropractor to see when you have been involved in an auto accident and are experiencing whiplash in Chula Vista, CA. Read More

What To Know Before Seeing a Chiropractor

If you've never seen a chiropractor, you might be here because you are frustrated by not seeing results from other treatments or because you want another opinion. Dr. Steven Wachs Read More

Can a Chiropractor Help With Auto Injuries?

A car accident can impact your life in so many ways that it can seem overwhelming. You need to worry about your car repairs, other financial costs, and any legal Read More

Treating Long Term Sports Injuries

The risk of injury increases when you ride a bike, run, jog, or participate in any activity that requires twisting, turning, lifting, or sprinting. Sprains, strains, fractures, or tears may Read More

Common Causes of Neck & Back Pain

How your Chiropractor in Chula Vista, CA, can help with neck and back pain Your neck and back are important, and when they hurt, the rest of your body hurts too. Read More

Warning Signs Of Whiplash

How your chiropractor in Chula Vista, CA, can help you recover from whiplash If you’ve ever been in an auto accident, chances are you’ve suffered whiplash. It’s a common condition resulting Read More

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can cause all sorts of injuries, some of which don't become apparent for hours or days after the accident. Luckily, your Chula Vista, CA, chiropractor, Dr. Steven Wachs, Read More

Sports Injuries And How We Can Help

If you are dealing with aches, pains, and strains from sports injuries, find out how chiropractic care could help. While our bodies are designed to do amazing things, you may Read More

Work Injuries FAQs

Dealing with a work injury? Here’s how a chiropractor can help. From overuse injuries to accidents, our Chula Vista, CA, chiropractor Dr. Steven Wachs has treated his fair share of Read More

What To Do About Neck & Back Pain

Find out how chiropractor care can alleviate neck and back pain. Neck and back pain are two of the most common complaints our Chula Vista, CA, chiropractor Dr. Steven Wachs Read More

Ergonomics in the Office

Here are some top tips from the experts to make your workspace more ergonomic! More Americans are sitting for work than ever before, and with the increase in sedentary jobs our Read More

Whiplash Treatment Options

Find out how chiropractor care can improve whiplash symptoms. Dealing with whiplash? It’s one of the most common neck injuries we see, particularly after a car accident. If an accident Read More

The Importance Of Seeing A Chiropractor After An Auto Accident

Find out why a chiropractor might be the first doctor you’ll want to see after an accident. If you were recently in a car accident, we know how scary the experience Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 55 posts


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