Sports Injuries And How We Can Help

If you are dealing with aches, pains, and strains from sports injuries, find out how chiropractic care could help.

While our bodies are designed to do amazing things, you may find that athletic wear and tear may be taking its toll on your physical health. Perhaps certain exercises now hurt more than usual, or your pain and discomfort have you sitting on the sidelines. This is where turning to our Chula Vista, CA, chiropractor Dr. Steven Wachs offers some advantages for faster and more comprehensive healing.

How can a chiropractor help me?

If you aren’t sure what a chiropractor does, it can be difficult to understand when you should turn to one for care. Our chiropractic doctor in Chula Vista, CA, specializes in treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries, including sports injuries. Through various therapies, our goal is to improve how the body functions while also addressing specific issues you are experiencing.

What problems may be treated by chiropractic therapy?

One of the most common types of chiropractic treatments is spinal manipulation. We want everything to be correctly aligned and balanced, and when something is off within the spine’s alignment, this can lead to back and neck pain and weakness or numbness in the arms, wrists, and hands.

By applying controlled and specific pressure to certain areas of and around the spine, we can help realign the body to alleviate tension and make sure the body works properly. Spinal manipulation is a great way to improve joint function and reduce pain and inflammation.

How is chiropractic care preventive?

As you may tell, the treatments we offer are designed to improve how the body works. Athletes put their bodies through a lot of stress and abuse. So much so that it can often be challenging to know when the pain you are experiencing is because of a potential injury. Through the many chiropractic services we offer here in Chula Vista, CA, we can help the body heal faster and help improve your performance. Getting regular chiropractic care is a great way to maintain an active body to prevent tendon, ligament, spinal or muscular injuries.

Don’t let sports-related injuries keep you from doing what you love. The Chula Vista, CA, chiropractic team at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center can help. Call us today at (619) 427-4747 to schedule a consultation.


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