Don H.
Retail Manager
When I first came in I was in a bad state from my back to the top of my head. As time went forward and as my adjustments got more of my body in place my knees got better, as well as the rest of my body. Several good and bad days but you and your staff grew on me like family. My days were changed by warm smiles and caring ways. Many thoughts to the positive feelings you left with me. I give a huge hugs and great appreciation for you all.
Thanks for making me whole again, body & soul.

G. Mata
I originally came in (to the office) to be treated for a back injury I received during a car accident. I've been playing sports my whole life and have never been to a chiropractor. After my first visit I could already feel the difference in my back. I felt like there was less tension and definitely less overall pain. Now going through months of care, the difference is Night and Day!
I am truly thankful for everyone that helped make this amazing experience that I received.

Kassandra G.

I was in an accident four months ago, my car was totaled and I started to have back and neck pain that was starting to affect my internship. I started coming here almost two months after my accident and I already feel so much better than I did even before my accident. It has been a great experience and I highly recommend this office for their friendly and flexible staff.

Jessica T.
Health Care
It was hard to move around with the injuries from the accident. Towards my recovery I feel so much better and able to do more with my activities. I have learned so much about keeping healthy and the importance of proper posture. I will continue to take care of my body because I don't want to experience this again. Thank you so much for Dr. Wachs and his staff!

Veronica P.
Social Worker
I was referred to my Doctor due to a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and was unable to do a lot of my daily stuff. The Staff and Doctor were Amazing!!! Very nice and work with my schedule. I feel a lot better and will continue to come to them and would recommend them.

Edita M.
I have a great experience with Dr. Wachs and staff, seeing Amazing results after my car accident. Very friendly, knowledgeable. Highly Recommended. Thank You, Dr. Wachs

Joanna L.
Hair Stylist
My experience has been nothing but amazing! From the first phone call everyone is so friendly, pleasant and extremely accommodating. I came in initially because I was in a car accident and was in extreme pain from whiplash, and I know I have found my permanent chiropractic care of all future visits. Thank you so much to everyone. I really appreciate you ALL!!!!

Richard C.
TSA officer
Through the help of Dr. Wachs and his excellent staff I overcame my pain and was able to move and walk again. Without the need of a walker or cane. I listened him followed his advice and orders to achieve my health without an operation, Dr. Wachs was a great inspiration to me. Always be thankful to him for helping me in understanding the challenges I once faced. The word thank you just doesn't seem enough, but it's all I can say to my doctor who gave me back my life.

Juan Pablo
Felt relief since day One. It's been a wonderful experience being treated by Dr. Wachs and his Team. I will more than definitely be coming back to keep my body running smoothly.

Javier G.
"I was treated so well, they were so kind. My treatment was excellent, I have felt so much better. When I first arrived I had a lot of tension and pain in my neck and back, I feel so much better now. I have only little pain now in my neck that should resolve with time due to my accident. Dr. Wachs is an excellent chiropractor and his staff is amazing!"

Lopez C.
"Great experience from start to finish. Got a call within a few days of my initial online inquiry on the website to be seen. Love the staff and are very welcoming every time. I come in for my adjustments and Dr. Wachs is very vibrant and personable! Did not believe my body could crack so much all at one time. My experience has been amazing overall through my car accident injury. Thanks so much for all the great hospitality from everyone!"

Julian P.
Area Sales Manager
"Dr. Wachs is terrific. I have seen him for about four months now. His staff is friendly and helpful as well. They really make you feel like you're part of the family. I was sent here after I was involved in a car accident. The treatments I have received have been amazing and have helped me during my daily activities. I go to the gym, and consistently bend and lift cases at work, so it was important for me to receive top-notch care. Dr. Wachs identified the problem areas and was able to get me back on track. I feel a whole lot better than I did before. I would recommend this place to anyone. They will definitely treat you well here."

Gilberto A.
"Thank you to the doctor who helped me soo much with my neck and back. I feel so much better because of his treatment. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive.
Thank You to All."

Thomas S.
"Amazing from start to finish. Daisy and Jessica were super helpful and great. Christina was always on top of it and make sure I was taking care of. All-around great service."

Alexia H.
Social Worker
"When I arrived to Dr. Wachs Chiropractic on 8/28/19 about a week after my 1st accident I was in so much pain with muscle spasms, headache, back pain, neck pain and shooting pains. I was evaluated & within time after attending 2-3 visits per week I started feeling a difference. I went from limping to being able to walk better. The staff has always been welcoming and friendly. I have never had a bad experience & enjoyed coming not only for an adjustment but to see everyone. Thank you so much for everything."

Clarissa C.
Visual Communications Specialist
"My experience with Dr. Wachs and his team was wonderful. I felt very much taken care of after my car injury. They made sure I was well informed of the process and they were so accommodating to my schedule and were always so kind and flexible. Dr. Wachs and his team were so kind and welcoming. Although it was tough trying to make it to my appointments 3 times a week for my treatment. I found that it is exactly what I needed, looking forward to seeing them each week until my treatment was complete. I will definitely recommend them to anyone and will plan on coming back to them whenever I need them. I’m so glad to meet such a reliable, trustworthy, and warm chiropractic team! I’ll miss you guys!"

Leticia R.
Zumba Instructor
"After my accident I was unbalanced, I was not able to teach my Zumba classes, and I was unable to carry my baby, but now I feel much better I feel like I stand much taller, I can now teach without pain, and I can now carry my baby again. I also notice I can squat again with no problems. I am the kind of person who is shy and doesn’t feel really talk, but coming here with Dr. Wachs I was amazed by his staff they made me feel so welcome with every visit. Everyone is smiling all the time. I would recommend everyone to come to Dr. Wachs even if you did not have an accident. Thank you Dr. Wachs & staff!"

Maria C.
"I’m very thankful for Dr. Wachs and his staff whom have been very helpful & kind. Their customer service is awesome. I have been getting treatments since 8/2019. I have seen major improvement on my back, posture and alignment. Dr. Wachs, Thank you for your knowledge and giving my back. Thank you to the entire office staff. The ladies are very sweet & caring, blessing."

Laurent M.
MC Operator
"I am coming here in bad shape. Doctor and staff receive me gently and take care of me. I am glad to know these agreeable people. Always here for you! So for my sessions, I realized that I can walk again with strength and like a man. I'm feeling good, in better shape, I am not a caveman anymore, ha ha ha."
"Just want to thank Dr. Wachs and his staff for the great work and dedication that they put on me."

Paulina V.
Bank Manager
"Yes! Since the First-Time I saw you I've felt Amazing! Como Nuevo!!"
August 28, 2019

Stephen R.
"I first came to Dr. Wachs' office four months ago after a bad auto accident. I had a sore neck and subluxations on the upper right side of the back of my neck. Slowly but surely, intensive weekly adjustments from Dr. Wachs began to improve my pain. I can say after treatment that not only is my neck pain diminished, but my overall posture has improved significantly. Dr. Wachs and the staff are personable, generally nice people who do a great job making you comfortable. I would recommend his office to anyone who is suffering from back pain, auto accident or otherwise. Thank you to everyone at Dr. Wachs' office for getting me (literally) back on my feet again!"
June 26, 2019

Domingo T.
Management Specialist
It is with great pleasure that I am able to say I was a patient of Wachs Chiropractic. I was involved in a rollover car accident where I injured my back and neck, but with Dr. Wachs' ability to direct specific treatment to my case, now I see a big difference in improvement to my pain levels

The whole staff is Amazing, from the moment you walk in, the ladies at the reception desk greet you with a smile, making your visit even more enjoyable. I will continue my adjustments with my wife.
June 3, 2019

Jesse B.
Dr. Wachs' office has been nothing but Amazing in my personal experience. Always accommodating to my schedule and even my kids. I love the family environment/atmosphere that is fostered by the amazing staff. I would definitely recommend to anybody needing chiropractic services Big or Small. Dr. Wachs got your back! Literally...
May 20, 2019

Ernesto G:
Following his first office visit and his first Lifetime Adjustment.
"Yesterday, you really changed my life!" "Bastante Mejor, Pain is less, tingling in my legs is much less; and My nausea mostly ALL Gone!!"

Heard In the Office Today: April 17, 2019

Carmen B. CNA
"I feel a lot better!" "I told my daughter I'm going to the gym now!"

"That's much better, able to exercise and workout again."

Heard In the Office Today: April 3, 2019
Rodrigo G.: "Like New Now!!"

Wendy A.: "That felt Nice, that felt really Nice!!"

Winona L.: "That was Awesome! Feels Soo Much Better. Always Amazing to See You!! Thank you soo much!"

Stephen: "I'm surprised how much better I'm doing, this soon after my accident. You've really helped me! Thanks!"

William M.: "When you're spine is aligned you feel fine!"

Nora D.: "Thank you, I feel soo good!"

Jessica S.
Account rep
"Dr. Wachs and the entire staff are Amazing! Very welcoming and Dr. Wachs helped me recover and feel all better. Thank you!" :)
April 2, 2019

Andrew A.
GM Retail
Dr. Wachs and his staff have been simply amazing; and very informative. They were able to work around my hectic schedule and still get proper treatment. His Team feels like a family, Welcoming you in with each session. He explains everything that's going on for you to understand. This is the best chiropractic service I have seen, Highly recommend."

David M.
I came to Dr. Wachs after being involved in a car accident. I was rear-ended and started feeling neck and back pain several days after. Dr. Wachs was very thorough during my initial exam and was able to pinpoint where was experiencing pain. After each adjustment I felt a lot of relief. Dr. Wachs explained how her body heals and the different stages that we go through to reach full recovery. I can say that after almost 3 months of treatment I feel the best I felt in probably 5 – 10 years. Thank you to Dr. Wachs and his great staff!

Megan W.
"I first came to Wachs Chiropractic due to intense shoulder and neck pain following a car accident. I was struggling with even the most simple daily tasks and hurts so bad it interrupted my sleep. After receiving weekly adjustments I feel significantly better and I can complete tasks I couldn't before; and my ability to sleep uninterrupted pain has returned. My life and wellness has greatly improved since going through treatment. I am incredibly grateful!"

Angel R.
"My name is Angel. I started coming to Dr. Wachs' Chiropractic Center in November 2018. On my second or third treatment I could sleep better. I really recommend, without a doubt Dr. Wachs for your chiropractic needs. Dr. Wachs' personnel was always very helpful, and very polite. Thank you Dr. Wachs and personnel for blessing me Every Visit!"
February 2019

Sarah A.
College Student
I came into the office with spinal pain and tension in my neck/shoulders. I can safely say that I don't have either of these symptoms continuing. Both Dr. Wachs and his staff are attentive and caring. Thank you!

Sophia C.
12-year old Student
I was in a car accident in October 2018 and as a result my neck was injured. This made it hard for me to take my backpack to school because I could not carry my books anymore. I also began to have difficulty concentrating in my classes. But a week later, I went to go see Dr. Wachs to receive treatment for the first time. After the treatment, I started to feel better and over time was able to do more activities!

Carlos M.
I consulted with Dr. Wachs and was treated for head neck and back pain. The level of treatment I received is/was nothing short of excellence. The staff of Dr. Wachs are all courteous and very friendly, accommodating and professionals.
All of their personal attention to details, and to the patient's personal well-being, contributed to my healing faster, bringing me back to health pain free!

Vanessa C.
I was involved in the car accident in October and came to Wachs Chiropractic to get treatment for whiplash. I was in a lot of pain prior to my first appointment and I noticed a significant positive difference after my first adjustment. Dr. Wachs was very patient and supportive during the two months of treatment I received, and he helped me make a full recovery for my injuries. The staff at the front desk are extremely kind and helpful as well, and many of them are bilingual which is useful for patients that might need additional information in Spanish.

Noel M.
Navy – retired
My experience with Wachs Chiorpractic was wonderful. This was only my second time having chiropractic done. The first time was in the Navy and I was somewhat dissatisfied because the chiropractor was not able to adjust my lower back, which is always been stiff. Dr. Wachs was able to adjust it the first time of 12 visits! And he cracked it every visit. I came in with the sciatic and numbness on my right leg. After 12 treatments, static and numbness are gone.
Dr. Wachs runs a good watch. Staff are amazing, and friendly. I can ask for better service and Wachs Chiropractic. Highly recommend!

Gabriela H.
Office Work
My treatments and experience Wachs Chiropractic has been phenomenal. I came in with injuries from a car wreck and believe my back is in better shape than it was before my accident! Thankful for the care and amazing service here.

Gabby H.
My treatments and experience at Wachs Chiropractic has been phenomenal. I came in with injuries from a car wreck and believe my back is in better shape than it was before my accident! Thankful for the care and amazing service here.

Heard In the Office Today: November 29, 2018
Thomas S.: "U don’t know what to expect the First Time. The "feeling" there's nothing like it. And here I had been going along all these Years, and I could have been coming here…and feeling great!"

Lily T.: "Less pain the last 3 days, Best I've felt and slept in 3 Years!! 1st Time since my accident I woke Up and my hands and fingers were Not Numb!!"

Don Clarke: "I like to come to U, because U always do something good to me!"

Dawn W.: "That was Amazing!! Gosh, that felt soo good, that was Amazing!"

Christopher L.
When I came to Dr. Wachs the first day I was experiencing substantial pain throughout my back and spine. A little worried with what to expect, it being my first time receiving chiropractic healing. A couple months later down the road, I'm feeling at my best for sure. Standing taller and confident in my health again. Every staff member has been a blessing to meet and talk to. Such wonderful people. I recommend Dr. Wachs to any family or friend. Thank you, Dr. Wachs.

Juan Carlos G.
Correctional Officer
The staff was always very helpful for everything and always answered any questions I had. Throughout the therapy I mostly noticed a better posture. Although I was somewhat skeptical about treatment first, I'm glad I went through the process. It's been very beneficial.

Alex B.
The day of the accident my body was really stiff. Neck and back hurt a lot. I didn't want an impediment in my body to continue working in my job and gym as well. But I knew Dr. Steven for quite some time from previous injury. I knew where to go to get treated. So ever since Day One I knew Dr. Wachs and his staff going to take care of me 100%. The staff at Wachs Chiropractic made me feel good with each call and question I had, so it was a good start. Always treated on time and was able to accommodate to my time schedule. When he came to my therapy, Dr. Steven knew where to start and helped me through my recovery process. Week by Week, I started to feel relief in my neck and back, and I was able to get back on track 100% to my normal routine.

Rosemary D.
Wachs team was excellent!!! They were all very helpful and respectful period. My appointments were in the A.M. Or afternoon, so I would bring my baby with me. The girls were so hopeful and made my treatment better. The treatment help me so much, as when I first got here I couldn't stretch everything, really hurt; every treatment was so helpful worth it. Now my health is way better physically and mentally.
Thank you to Dr. Wachs and his team

James K.
Ex-Collegiate Player
I want to thank the entire office and Dr Wachs for my Condition today...I have been cleared to get my DL driving license back.. After being injured and having to pick my head up off the bed when waking with my right hand. Now, trusting my health with Dr. WACHS was the BEST move I've made. Today is wonderful.... I sincerely thank your office and you, Dr. Wachs. A person's health determines the daily attitude of a person... The neck, back and spine is the heart and brains of you feeling right daily. Thank you all!

Francisco F.
I loved coming in for my treatment. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. I really appreciate my care and I feel so much better. Dr. Wachs was amazing-Thank you. All the staff is just wonderful. Everything from the moment I walked in was superb!

Itzel Aleman
I currently have scoliosis, and coming weekly has affected my daily life by feeling more comfortable, more loose, improved posture and overall feeling better. The staff is amazing and makes me feel like home.

Carolina T.
Courtesy Clerk
My experience at Dr. Wachs' office was very helpful. At the beginning of my therapy I was really tense, and when I completed all the required phases I feel "like a new person" and also the staff were really friendly, always smiling and welcoming to their facility. Everyone at the front desk was friendly especially Christina she always in a good mood always in a bubbly mood she has a very good customer service and greets everyone who comes through the door with a smile and Dr. Wachs is an awesome doctor I would recommend Dr. Wachs to friends and family.

Hassan Greer
Team Member
My experience at Dr. Wachs' chiropractic office was great! I felt really comfortable with the staff and everyone was approachable and sweet. Dr. Wachs is a very interesting person who has knowledge on all types of subjects. I looked forward to each visit will miss coming here every week; greeted by smiles and good company. Came out way healthier and happy with the results from when I came in. Happy to be served by a caring office.

Harvey R.
I initially came into Dr. Wachs' office in a great amount of pain. The treatment that I experienced here was very helpful. Each step was discussed with me in full detail. I feel very flexible and lighter now. I practiced breathing techniques and stretches that enhanced my daily life. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wachs' office to anyone I care about that's suffering from back and/or neck injuries. On top of the splendid treatment, the office provided a very clean and sanitary environment for me, to ensure therapy was comfortable. Thank you and I appreciate the help.

Nadia M.
I came here after I had a car accident. I was experiencing major back pain and could not sit/stand for over 10 minutes because the pain was unbearable. I started treatment three times a week and then two times per week, Dr. Wachs is excellent at what he does and always took the time to explain the process and to give me updates on my progress. Halfway through my treatment I started feeling better and better, to the point where I do not have any pain at all.

The ladies in the front (Daisy, Christina and Jessica) are all very lovely and friendly. They always greeted me with a smile and always were very accommodating and scheduled/rescheduled appointments around my schedule. They were very responsive to calls and if I ever left a message they would call me back within two hours. Overall, it has been a great experience and I will miss seeing them. Thank you so much!

Jessica C.
Dr. Wachs has been great at helping me get rid of my headaches; ever since I started getting adjusted by him regularly I don’t have them as often. He has not only helped me feel better but my boyfriend as well. The treatment was a great help for his lower back pain. His adjustments are incredibly amazing, they make me feel better, not only physically but mentally as well. I would highly recommend Wachs Chiropractic.

Marcos M.
Dr. Wachs is hands down one of the best chiropractor’s out there. So good, that my whole family comes in to get adjusted, which is the best feeling in the world. After getting adjusted it feels like you are floating in the air and me as a student athlete it has benefited me, because not only did he adjust my neck and back, but he also adjusted my hips; which has made me more bouncy and light for sports. The alignment has improved my explosiveness… after leaving this chiropractor it feels like you are flying away on a cloud and I would definitely recommend him.

Victor G
I'm feeling a lot better since the first day I came. No more pain in the lower back. I'm like new. Thank you Dr. Wachs!!

"Jessica, Daisy and Christie were very friendly and professional.

Z. Llamas
“My wife and I had gotten into a bad car accident before we started to see Dr. Wachs. I had never been to a chiropractor before so the first time I came in I didn't know what to expect. I really appreciated how Dr. Wachs educated me and explained what chiropractic was all about; and how it was going to benefit my wife and I, in not only our healing from our accident, but also for our wellness. I always have enjoyed my visits, not just because I feel awesome after an adjustment from Dr. Wachs! But also because everyone who works here in the office – Christina, Jessica, Daisy – are all very friendly and kind, as well as flexible when it comes to working with my schedule to make appointments. Two thumbs up to Wachs Chiropractic!
Would certainly recommend to anyone interested need for chiropractic care!”

D. Cortes
“I came in with pain I felt was normal after an accident and believed would just be there, but after a few visits I could already see a huge difference. I began to notice less headaches, less pain, I was able to drive better and less numbness in my toes which I thought was normal to have once in a while. Even sleeping is so much better! Especially no more neck pain. I was able to concentrate better at school, exercise more and have more energy.
Everyone at the office were extremely nice, very helpful and always happy which was very contagious. Loved my experience!”

Remy M.
“I found the staff at Wachs Chiropractic to be very pleasant and helpful. They facilitated my recovery with ease. Daisy was very helpful and pleasant. I would highly recommend Wachs Chiropractic.”

Marlyn D.
“My experience here for my therapist is great, friendly staff! Accommodating and clean facility. I am grateful for the help from Dr. Wachs; that made me feel better. I definitely will recommend to acquaintances.”
“Again I’m very happy for all the help.” 04/11/2018

Jesus M.
Floor manager
“They always were very kind and nice. If there was a problem attending an appointment they always tried to help me in getting my appointment in a timely fashion. Dr. Wachs, he always helped me and gave me feedback on how I was doing, and always made advice for my daily activities. If I have the opportunity to recommend them I will do it with no questions!”

Sal L.
Tire Installer
“My wife and I were hit on the freeway, as expected we were both really sore and stiff due to the accident. We were referred to Dr. Wachs. In short, everything has been amazing with Dr. Wachs and all the staff. Christina, Daisy and Jessica were very sweet, professional, caring and polite; they made my wife and I feel very welcomed from day One. Dr. Wachs is an amazing doctor. He made what could have been a tedious doctor visit, into something we looked forward to every time. We felt like we were visiting a longtime friend rather than a mundane chiropractic adjustment, all with a high level of professionalism of course. My wife and I are very thankful to Dr. Wachs and his staff for all the care and attention. We will definitely continue to visit Dr. Wachs for our future adjustments.”

Monica M.
Police dispatcher
“I was rear ended in a vehicle accident and soon after had pain in my lower back, upper back in a numbing sensation down my leg. It felt like it was a pinched nerve in my hip keeping me from sleeping and sitting at work. I was always in an uncomfortable state of pain. I was sent to Dr. Wachs and he has been a true miracle worker. Within a couple of visit’s, I could feel the difference. His staff, Daisy and Jessica, along with his beautiful gracious wife truly made me feel like family and were always flexible in understanding with my crazy work schedule. I am now a new woman and feel great. If you are in need of real chiropractic treatment, with real results, Dr. Wachs and his team hour you need to be.”

Elsa R – G.
“Dr. Wachs came highly recommended by my daughter. I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back. Dr. Wachs is an expert at his trade. Instant results!
Range of motion is back to normal and pain has subsided in just 2 short visits. The staff and Dr. are very nice and treat patient’s well.”

Mark P.
“I arrived not feeling well. My neck shoulders back and hip were hurting. I was walking with difficulty. The treatment helped me and I can’t thank the doctor enough for everything he did tell me feel better. Thank you! Thank you!!”

Mark P.
“Oh Man! Soo much better! Soo much better!! Awesome, I won't come to San Diego...without coming to see U Again!’

Joseph G.
Network Engineer
“Here is my testimonial: “I had a serious auto accident on October 2017. I was referred to Dr. Wachs’ office by my friend. When I started treatment, I had a lot of stiffness and pain in my back. I began treatments three times a week right away, my recovery was very fast (based on my experiences) and I have seen increased improvement over time. I am very grateful for the considerate, professional and quality treatment I received from Dr. Wachs, Christina, Daisy and the rest of the team at Wachs Chiropractic. Recommend! 5-Stars!!”

M. Garcia
“When I arrived to see Dr. Wachs I had neck and back pain. After treatment I feel so much better. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Wachs for your wonderful care. I am very happy with my results.”

Sam W.
Federal agent
“Being a patient at Wachs Chiropractic has been extremely helpful in my recovery process. Returning routinely for necessary appointments helped maintain previous progress and allowed my recovery to build upon each visit.”
“Wachs Chiropractic has been very accommodating with my sporadic schedule and were able to accept me without hesitation when working with me.”
“Thanks for everything all of you have done.”

Erick A.

“A very friendly place. Loved Christina’s, Jessica and Daisy’s sense of urgency. My back is feeling a lot better. Will be back for sure.”
“Thank you again. Much love.”

Susanna V.
"My treatments really helped with controlling my pain and I can now go back to my normal activities. Thank you Dr. Wachs and staff. You guys are awesome!"

Josephine T.
““my experience here at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center has been an amazing journey. The staff and Dr. Wachs are very helpful. The treatment has me feeling like a new person. I feel 200% better than when I started! I am truly grateful for having this experience with Dr. Wachs and his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Wachs and his team to anyone!”
“Thank you.”

Ana A.
Rady's Children's Hospital
"After a high impact car accident my body was going through lots of pain and stress. Thanks to the steps taken by Dr. Wachs now I see a big difference to my pain labels and how my body moves. Before the treatment I was not able to do any of my daily tasks like play with my kids or even sleep. I also lost days of work. Thanks to the consistent plan of care by Dr. Wachs and staff I can now enjoy anything life brings my way."

Cresencia D.
For about a year I had swelling and a lump behind my neck that would swell at times, causing severe headaches and dizziness. Went to my doctor's office and ER several times, and they never knew why it was happening. The ER even tried to train it once but never found any liquid. First time I came and got adjusted it went away. I forgot to mention it to Dr. Wachs.

I don't get headaches anymore and I have full-motion of my neck. I am so thankful he helped me, and so happy I decided to come see him. I came for sciatic pain and he help me with much more than he realized. So, today at this visit I thanked him for being such an awesome Dr. and taking his time on me.

Daisy G.
On August 1, 2017 I experienced a motor vehicle accident that change my life dramatically in various ways. When I arrived to Dr. Wachs' office with pain in my back, or as he called it trauma after an incident. Adjustments and advice for home treatment has helped and impacted my life drastically. I'm able to return to my daily life activities. His courteous staff, always greeted me with a smile. They always made time and adjusted to my schedule as needed. I want to thank everyone involved in helping me get my life back after so many difficult moments post accident. I encourage everyone to follow all necessary advice from Dr. Wachs, because he helped get me back on track, and he will assist you to do the same. Thank you to everyone involved, and I will continue to follow-up.

Sal A.
After my car accident I came to Dr. Wachs as I was referred by my lawyer, best decision ever. Since day one they took care of me and my pregnant girlfriend; they made us feel like family. It wasn't just a daily visit it was more like going over friends house and getting adjusted. Now me and my girlfriend, with our two-month old boy have finished the therapy. We're glad to say Dr. Wachs ans his staff took really good care of us. Dr. Wachs has known my son since he was in his mom's womb, up until his first two months of life. They did the most for us and we're glad we were able to get such amazing help.

Ana G.
After my accident I was referred to Dr. Wachs. My experience was great, staff was always friendly and Dr. Wachs. was even more friendly! He explained everything well, and made me feel better. My pain is gone and my posture got better too. Posture was hard to keep straight for me before I came in, and now it's no problem. Best experience at his office. No doubt he will make you feel better.

Rodney H.
"I was involved in the car accident where I was hit from the rear. I have back and neck pain and was recommended to come see Dr. Wachs; and he took very good care of me. Always in and out, treatment never was a long way. My pain has gone away and I'm back to being a handsome, strong sailor I was before. Thanks Doc!"

Christian G.
This is my second time coming to Dr. Wachs. I was involved in two accidents in less than a year. Dr. Wachs and his staff did a great job the first time getting me back to 100%. So, when my second accident happened there was no question to whom I was going to get my back adjusted. Coming to see Dr. Wachs is not just coming to see a doctor, but more like visiting an extended family. I recommend Dr Wachs to all my friends and family.

Erica F.

I have had a very positive and good experience with Dr. Wachs. All his staff members have always been kind and courteous to me. They also have been very flexible with my appointments and work schedule. Since I have received treatment from Dr. Wachs my posture has improved tremendously.
Thanks to the whole Team.

Carl H.
"Very good job from the start. I got treated very well and I feel a lot better now that I came here to Wachs Chiropractic. So I would like to say thanks."

Christian G.
"From my experience I think you guys did a good job on every appointment. I've come to Dr. Wachs and he has made sure to do everything right, for me to be right! I say they did the best. I think my body has improved perfectly."

Carlos B.
Crane Rigger
"I was treated by Dr. Wachs and received excellent service and treatment. All of his treatment and therapy has helped me get to a better healthy state of life."

"I am currently working, playing and moving in life healthy and feeling better than I was when I had the vehicular accident. Thanks to his staff and the professionalism of his personnel, I am better now. Thanks Dr. Wachs for all you have done."

Maribel E.
After my accident I wasn't able to sleep throughout the night. As I started my therapies I noticed that my sleeping pattern changed. I am now able to sleep my 7 – 8 hours a night. No more back pain. I'm able to focus in my overall health improved.

Cassandra C.
Therapist for children with special needs
I was recommended to Doctor Wachs on my primary doctor. I was in a car accident (rear – ended) and that same week felt stiffness/soreness in my upper back. I felt pain from standing for over 15 minutes, as well as sitting for too long. I was nervous that the soreness would not go away as it was affecting me at work. I would say about two weeks after getting adjusted, I began to notice a difference. I was not in as much pain when sitting or standing. I will continue getting adjusted as it has helped and improved my health after the accident. Great Service! Doctor Wachs takes his time to explain or answer any questions and his assistants are always very friendly.

Sergio V.
En Febrero 16 este ano tube un accidente de auto, del cual quede lastimado de mi espalda y de mi cuello. Me senti muy mal, pero gracias a la terapia y ejercisios que he estado tomando con el Dr. Wachs ahora me siento mucho major. Mi cuello y espalda estan regresando a su normalidad, y creo que en unas terapias mas, voy a quedar conpletamente bien. Gracias al Dr. Wachs por sus cuidados hacia mi persona, Tambien quiero agradecer a su gran equipo de ayudantes por el gran trato que me han dado, quiero expresar que yo recomiendo 100% al Dr. Wachs y su equipo por ayudarme a volver a la normalidad. Gracias.

On February 16th of this year I got into a car accident, which injured my neck and back. Initially, I felt very bad, but thanks to the therapies and exercises that I have been taking with Dr. Wachs now I feel much better. My neck and back have returned to its normality and I think that with further therapy I will be completely good. Thank You to Dr. Wachs for his care and I would also like to thank the great team of assistants for the great treatment they gave me, I would like to express that I 100% recommend Dr. Wachs and his team for helping me return to normal. Thank You.

Martha B.
Mi mama y yo estuvimos en un accidente de carro despues de eso, ella y yo quedamos muy lastimadas a causa del accidente. Con el tratamiento de Dr. Wachs nos sentimos mucho mejor ademas el es muy carinoso y amable, sus empleadas Joanna, Daisy son muy amables tambien. Yo recomendaria a culquiera que necesite un quiropractico. Gracias, pot todas sus atenciones.

My mom and I had a car accident and after that, we got very hurt. With Dr. Wachs treatment we felt, much better, also Dr. Wachs is very affectionate and friendly, his workers Joanna and Daisy are very friendly as well. I would recommend him to anybody who needs a chiropractor. Thank You for all your attentions.

Ashlee J.
Cashier and Caregiver
I began coming to Wachs Chiropractic after my car accident in March 2017. I had a lot of trauma after I was hit in the accident. I was very shaken up and had a lot of pain from my neck to all over my back. When I arrived at my first visit, I was greeted by great staff who after coming to my appointments for months became friends and people that made me feel very comfortable every time I was in the office. I really appreciated that because at the time I was going through a rough patch and Joanna and Daisy were always there to talk if I needed to. Doctor Wachs is a great Dr. who I can't thank you enough for helping me in dealing with my pain day in and day out, and being understanding while educating me on how to keep myself and body healthy. I am 25 years old and working at my cashier and care-giving job really puts a strain on my back and Doctor Wachs always made me feel comfortable and I would always leave feeling 100% better; and giving me the opportunity to continue to feel better about myself and keep being happy through my daily routines. If you feel better, you live better, so thank you Doctor Wachs Chiropractic. I will always cherish the help and laughs every day, and for all my back and joint pain and problems you guys are always #1.
Love always, Ashlee.

Norman A.
When I first arrived, I was experiencing severe discomfort and pain in my back after a car accident. My health has improved substantially since seeing Dr. Wachs. The staff are very cordial and professional and they truly care about the patients. I am truly grateful to them all.

Benjamin S.
After getting hit from the back in my car, I thought I would end up in stress and pain for a long time. Dr. Wachs helped with a speedy recovery and made it easy to deal with the lawyer and insurance. After treatment, I am back at the gym with no pain or stress. The staff is great at this clinic. Thanks.

Vincent V.
I would like first to thank everyone at Dr. Wachs office, Chula Vista. From all the ladies that always had a smile on their face and a professional attitude to the great hands and technique of yes, the doctor himself that made me feel that he really cares about his patients, their health and wellbeing. Yes, I would recommend him because I was scared at first of seeing a chiropractor and skeptical. But I am now convinced that a very experienced doctor and staff make a difference. I know because I am not the best patient but will give credit where credit is due. Thank you and God bless you.

Kyle Z.
My experience at Wachs Chiropractic has been nothing short of amazing. Dr. Wachs and the staff have been wonderful to work with. My adjustments have made a huge impact on my health since my accident. My flexibility and posture have improved tremendously and I plan to use Dr. Wachs' exercises to maintain these improvements in my health. Thank you to Dr. Wachs and the staff for this experience.

Jesse O.
The benefits that I have achieved throughout my chiropractic care were tremendous, one of them was getting better sleep to feeling well rested at work, I enjoyed my treatment at Dr. Wachs chiropractic and I will definitely recommend a colleague.

Sergio J.
Gracias a sus terapias y por ser flexibles a mis citas y estoy content por el buen trato del personal a Daisy y Joanna. Gracias por sus atenciones al Dr. Wachs. Gracias a ellos estoy bien con mis terapias. Atentamente, Sergio

Thank You to your therapies and for being very flexible with my appointments, I’m very happy by the good treatment of the personal Daisy and Joanna. Thank You Dr. Wachs for your attentions. Thanks to them I’m very good with the therapies. Sincerely, Sergio

C. Perez
My health and posture is much improved after treatment and all three phases. I feel so much better and strongly recommend Dr. Wachs' office. Lastly, I would like to thank the amazing staff that was always friendly and helpful. They provided excellent customer service.

A. Morales
I came to get treated after an auto vehicle accident and was in pain. My overall care was good, great to be exact. I've felt a huge improvement and to add on my migrane onset decreased dramatically. My movement improved as well as my posture. I would definitely recommend this sort of treatment. I want to continue care...thanks to Dr. Wachs  and his loving, caring staff. Job well done to such a team.

Deva R.
“Dr. Wachs and his amazing staff always had me in the best care. The treatment made a remarkable difference in my stance, posture and overall well-being. My treatment was very convenient, I was able to schedule appointments around my school schedule, and Dr. Wachs and his amazing staff was always very accommodating. I would recommend treatment from Dr. Wachs all my friends and family. And look forward to continuing treatment on my own in the very near future.”


Shawn C.

I was in an accident and I was in a lot of pain. Fortunately Dr. Wachs helped me. I had whiplash from the car accident. My back was all out of alignment, like crooked and my hands were numb. I was in more pain than I ever knew but thank god for Dr. Wachs he has great hands and put my back, back in place. I was afraid of taking addictive pain drugs but Dr. Wachs has a new safe pain medication, no pills. A gel he rubs on your back and no pain! I looked like hunchback when I came in here but now I am walking tall head up, standing tall, walking pain free. Getting my life back. I couldn’t even bend over and touch my toes, had no flexibility now I can move and pain free, and back is returning to normal again thanks Dr. Wachs and staff. To the staff, ladies thank to you all too.


Pedro G.

Prior to coming to Dr. Wachs office Chiropractic Health Center, I would feel like my way of walking wasn’t resolved, which would cause a huge discomfort for me. I also had lots of knots in my back which would long periods of walking or sitting painful and uncomfortable. After a car accident, I went and got treatment for the injuries from the accident and noticed that I had recovered for more than just the pain from the accident in just 2 months. I can feel a difference in my walk and np longer feel pain in my back when I stand. For long periods of time at work. Thank you, Dr. Wachs and God bless. I would recommend this to any teens young or young adults as way of treatment in substation of medication.


Martha R.

I came in with back pain, unable to turn my head to the left or to the right. I have been given super treatment by DR. Wachs and the girls in the office. I highly recommend DR. wachs and this practice, without reservation. Today I am free of pain and my body is flexible. I can turn my head to the left and to the right without using my entire body. Once again I highly recommend this chiropractic office.


R. Salinas

A huge “Thank You!“ to Dr. Wachs and the entire staff for everything you’ve done for us, from the customer service to the adjustments it was a great experience. Physically I feel great. Each visit provided me with much relieve. I highly recommend Dr. Wachs to everyone.


Gisela A.

This office was very good to me. The staff was always friendly. Most important, they always accommodated my hectic work schedule. When I came in I was sore, injured, and frustrated. Now after months of treatments, I finally feel some relief, I feel better. Dr. Wachs knows what he is doing He consistently gave me good tips on how to after my daily activates while I healed. Thank you everyone in the office. I loved coming each week. I always had amazing naps and overall good experience.


Isabel J.

I had a car accident last year in November that affected my neck, back, shoulders, and lower back. After the accident, it was hard for me perform my regular work schedule and personal life activity. After coming to see Dr. Wachs, my health improved so much, that know am very well. No more pain in my back, I can work long hours with no pain problems. Most importantly, I’m not taking any pain medications for the car accident injuries since those have and are now gone after going through the treatment. It was a great experience to walk with Dr. Wachs and his staff during the healing time. They were very friendly, flexible, and professional. They worked with my schedule and made me feel very comfortable. I will defiantly come back if I need more service and I highly recommend them, to other people. Thank you!


L. Luli

I was involved in a car accident six months ago and treated in the ER for whiplash. The ER doctor recommended that I see a Chiropractor. I was a bit skeptical about seeing a Chiropractor as I had never been. the pain in my neck and back was excruciating and I could hardly walk without support and had trouble sleeping. After my first visit with Dr. Wachs I left his office feeling less pain and able to walk properly. I recevied six months of treatment and can honestly say my back/neck pain is no longer a problem for me.  Dr. Wachs is a wonderful doctor and I always look forward to my appointments, not only for treatment but to visit him and his lovely staff!!

Thanks so much!!


J. Clemente

I had a car accident around Feburary 2016. My mom and I were in the car together stopped in traffic while another driver crashed into our vehicle. We received neck and back pains, our whole body was in pain so we decided to call Dr. Wachs' office. The staff was amazing, they always greeted us with a smile! Dr. Wachs is very experienced with his job as well. After attending daily for his treatment my mom and I felt that our bodies were finally healing. I am convinced his treatment is great and could help anybody. I would recommend Dr. Wachs to everyone.


Joshua C.

Had a car accident around February 2016, me and my mom where in the car together stopped in traffic while another driver crashed our vehicle. We received neck and back pains, our whole body was in pain. So we decided to call dr. Wachs office. The staff was amazing they always greeted us with a smile! Dr. Wachs is very attending daily for his treatment me and my mom are finally healing. I am convinced his treatment is great and could help anybody in any age, I would recommend this doctor.


Dear Dr. Wachs' I just want to say thank you from day one until the end of my treatment. When i first started therapy I was in all kinds of pain, had trouble sleeping and constantly tense. Within just one week of being seen three times per week I seen a difference in my pain level, sleeping and relaxed structure. I had been in a car accident and today three months later I feel like myself again I will continue to come in for therapy every now and then just because normal wear and tear from work gets me pretty knotted up but I understand its nice to get adjusted every now and again. I recommend your office to many of my friends and coworkers and anyone else who may have any type of accident. Thank you to the staff they were very polite and welcoming Christina, Jennifer, and Daisy were very understanding of my schedule and I sincerely want to say thank you and I give you all 5 stars!! Thank you Patient, S.Dudley


D. Garcia

I had a car accident where I suffered neck, back and shoulder pain as well as numbness and dizziness in my head. After being treated with Dr. Wachs for a couple of months three times a week, I started to feel much better. Now after three months of treatment I can say I can move my neck, no back pain, no numbness or dizziness. Thank you Dr. Wachs and staff for being professional and caring, that sure did help in the recuperation and well being of my health. I'm very greatful for everything that Wachs Ciropractic has done to me to have a better life. Once again I thank you so much.



On my first visit I knew I was in good hands at Dr. Wachs' chiropractic...My condition was an extreme discomfort (neck/shoulders esp). With very uncomfortable movement. I am very pleased with my treatment, and the staff (very nice). I appreciate all of you at Dr. Wachs' everyone of the ladies were totally proactive in assistance in every aspect from scheduling to as friendly and professional all the time. My testimonial... Dr. Wachs' approach that fixed my pains was definitely that "Midas Touch", he got hands to heal.


J. Luna

Since my car accident back in October, I decided to come in the following month to get treated since my neck and back were in pain. The first visit I came in I got evaluated and the next visits I got adjusted, it felt great and the more visits I came in for the better my back and neck started feeling better. When the accident first occured I had a lot of issues carrying anything or even sleeping on my side and when I relaxed as well. Today after about three or four months I can say I feel much better. I can sleep on my side without any pain and I can aslo lift things and exercise with no problem. I highly recommend getting seen by Dr. Wachs after any injury or accident. The staff is also very nice and have a very felxible schedule for appointments.


I was hit in a accident an landed in Dr. Wachs' office as pier recommendation, from the moment I called for my first appointment I knew I was going to be in "good hands", from the staff to Dr. Wachs' himself had a grate recovery process due to their professionalism, and knowledge. In just a few months I was able to return to my regular activities and was very pleased with all your help, Thank you your new friend R. Guerra.

J.A Morales
The first stay after the accident my wife and I felt tremendous pain. That's when a friend of ours recommended Dr. Wachs Chiropractic, once we attended our treatments immediately after our health improved.

S. Corbia
Due to a car accident in December 2014, I've been treated twice a week. The office is extremely professional, always calling to make sure the appointment is available and always open to make it accommodating. Dr.Wachs is very professional and knowledgeable. I started feeling much better after the first few treatments. Thank you all for the support.

M. Leon
I started coming here after my motorcycle accident that resulted in great pain in my back and my legs. The
doctor started a therapy plan structured for every other day to help start me on a schedule. My appointments were made at three when they opened and they were always on time. The staff was always very professional in attending to my needs and Daisy was always smiling. The doctor always took his time explaining my health and in understanding each step to my healing process. Thank you for being so kind.

M.T. Ruvalcaba
Cuando llege con el Dr.Wachs me sentia muy mal . Con las termpias y tratamiento fui mejorando. El tiempo que estuve en terapia me sirvio mucho y estoy mejor. Gracia Dr.Wachs

N. De Gracia
Before I came to this facility after the day of the accident, I couldn’t do my normal daily routine. It was hard at my
work and my physical activities, but now coming here has brought me back to my normal day to day activities. The doctor and employees were so helpful to my care. It is a great pleasure to come and get treated at Dr. Wachs’ Chiropractic office. Thank you and God bless.
N. DeGracia

P. Camillo
I am a military physician. I was involved in a car accident May 2014. My back, neck, and shoulder kept having pain and resulted in my lack of mobility, even after several rounds of physical therapy. I am a previous patient of Dr.Wachs, he is excellent in his manner and attention to detail. Being a wounded warrior and having rescued
soldiers, his care has definitely increased my quality of life. I am always recommending Dr. Wachs to friends and family. Staff is very attentive and always greets you with a smile. Thank you.

A. Beltran
I was involved in a car accident where I was rear ended unexpectedly. I was not able to brace myself before the impact and suffered injuries to my head, neck,


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