Keep Yourself Safe At Work

Know how to best prevent work-related injuries and pain with these simple everyday tips.

Whether you are a desk warrior or you are on your feet all day, there are so many bad habits that could cause pain, discomfort and other back painissues for your body. To keep your body feeling its best, it is vitally important for hard-working professionals to follow some of these helpful tips from our Chula Vista, CA chiropractor, Dr. Steven Wachs, to make sure that spinal misalignments and other problems don’t end up making your workdays more difficult. Here are some ways to make your job a bit more ergonomic:

Change Up Your Office Area

Before you actually start working it’s important to take a look at your workstation and assess little problems that could cause major issues in the long run. Make sure your computer monitor is at eye level so you aren’t hunching over to read your screen or straining your neck.

Consider Your Posture

As the day wears on, it can be easy to pick up bad habits just to get comfortable at your desk, but adopting bad posture can lead to back pain and other issues in the future. To prevent spinal issues and other problems, our chiropractic specialist in Chula Vista recommends keeping your elbows close to your sides and at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure your wrists are straight, particularly when typing (this can prevent painful problems like carpal tunnel syndrome in the future). Make sure that your chair provides your arms with supportive, comfortable armrests. Also, look for a chair that will provide ample support for your back, which can prevent you from slouching or hunching over.

Assess Your Everyday Habits

Do you use the phone a lot? Then consider wearing a headset to prevent yourself from craning your neck to one side to hold the phone between your ear and shoulder. Do you wear eyeglasses during the workday? If so, make sure they fit tightly and properly to prevent yourself from tilting one way or the other. If you still use a mouse, make sure to swap out which hand uses the mouse, whenever possible. When you aren’t typing, remember to give those wrists a break and take them off the keyboard!

Take Stretching Breaks

No one was meant to sit at their desks for hours on end. By moving around to take breaks you can help keep the joints lubricated, the muscles relaxed and prevent stiffness and fatigue. Ideally, you should take about 10-20 second breaks about every 10 minutes. Every 30-60 minutes, take a couple minutes to get out of your seat and stretch or move around a bit.

If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain or other issues, then it’s time you called Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista, CA to find out what’s going on. Countless Americans deal with work-related injuries and pains and it’s our job to help get you back on your feet pain-free. Call us today!


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