How Your Chiropractor Can Help After Your Auto Accident

Dealing with financial, legal and personal issues after an auto accident can be inconvenient and overwhelming. If you sustained injuries, car accidentthe effects on your body may compound the other problems and have an effect on your entire life. With specialized chiropractic care from Dr. Steven Wachs in Chula Vista, CA, your auto accident-related injuries can be alleviated. Here's how:

What injuries result from auto accidents?

Your chiropractor sees many patients who have experienced injuries as a result of a vehicular collision. Although the nature of injury sometimes depends on the severity of the accident, Dr. Wachs' patients often have whiplash - a neck injury from a sudden, jarring impact - spinal injuries or muscle pain and stiffness after they've been in an auto accident. These injuries can occur in even minor, low-speed accidents and may not be immediately evident. In fact, it can take months before they manifest themselves in the form of headaches or back pain. That's why it's important to schedule an evaluation with your Chula Vista chiropractor as soon as you can after an auto accident.

How are auto accident injuries treated?

The first step to treating auto accident injuries is to take X-rays of the affected area to determine the extent of the problem. After diagnosing your injury, your Chula Vista chiropractor may perform manipulation of the spine - also called adjustment - to improve any misalignment, reduce pressure on the nerves and promote healing. You may also have physical therapy exercises to do at home or you may be referred to other specialists such as an orthopedist or a neurologist. Dr. Wachs' goal is to help restore mobility and reduce any pain associated with the injuries you sustained in your auto accident.

Don't delay in seeking treatment after an auto accident - the earlier you visit your Chula Vista, CA, chiropractor, Dr. Wachs, the better chance you have of making a full recovery. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!


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