Helping You Manage Your Neck and Back Pain

When you suffer from back and neck pain, it affects almost every part of your life. It interferes with work, socializing and even the hobbies you usually enjoy. If you have neck and back pain, our Chula Vista chiropractor can help. Dr. Steven Wachs and his caring staff provide you with the services you need to achieve a better quality of life. Keep reading to learn how a chiropractor helps you manage your neck and back pain.

Back and neck pain often occurs when your spine isn't aligned properly. Chiropractors use specialized techniques and tools to realign the spine and alleviate or even eliminate your pain. They use their hands or a special device to apply a controlled force to the bones in your spine and neck. Their goal is to adjust and align the spine.

Chiropractors also use more traditional methods of treatment to help with neck and back pain. For example, they may also use:

  • massage
  • heat and cold therapy
  • stretches and exercises
  • electrical stimulation

Using a variety of methods to treat your back and neck pain helps the chiropractor find the best treatment for your unique needs.

Visiting a chiropractor often helps patients improve their range of motion and quality of life. When the body is in proper alignment, it may help the body heal without the use of medication or surgery.

If you suffer from back or neck pain and you live in the Chula Vista area, you should consider visiting a chiropractor before you choose surgery or injections. You may find that the chiropractor can effectively treat your condition without the risk of invasive surgeries and prescription medications.

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