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WHY 830 NM

830nm-Greatest Depth of Tissue Penetration
When evaluating the sometimes confusing and varied choices in low level lasers , the question is frequently asked, “why is the 830nm wavelength better ? ” The answer to this question is essentially one of penetration and delivered energy. In the treatment of soft and connective tissue injuries and disorders, the goal is to deliver the most effective laser wavelength to the target tissue.

Some 30+ years of scientific study and clinical research has provided us with detailed information on the reaction of biologic organelles to laser light. It has also shown us which wavelengths penetrate most deeply and what energy levels effect biological processes in the most desirable manner. We need to fully understand the relationship between the depth (from the skin surface) of the target tissue and the ability of the therapeutic laser light to reach that tissue.
We now have ample clinical evidence that in contrast to other wavelengths, the 830 nm laser light produces specific beneficial biological reactions that are not produced by other wavelengths. This unique ability to stimulate greater response is the key to 830nm laser therapy.

The Physiological Effects of LLLT
• Biostimulation including Improved
metabolism & Increase of cell metabolism
• Improved blood circulation and
• Analgesic effect
• Anti-inflammatory and anti-
edematous effects
• Stimulation of wound healing

Benefits of LLLT to Users
• Relieves acute and chronic pains
• Increases the speed, quality and
tensile strength of tissue repair
• Increases blood supply
• Stimulates the immune system
• Stimulates nerve function
• Develops collagen and muscle tissue
• Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue
• Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation
• Reduces inflammation


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