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Quote of the Month:

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

---Marcus Aurelius

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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Decompression Manipulation Therapy

Decompression Manipulation Therapy using the decompression adjustment table is a gentle, safe, non-surgical chiropractic spinal manipulation that is the safe alternative to back surgery for those 95% of patients who suffer from back and leg pain.

Spinal decompression treatment helps lower back pain and pinched nerves, providing the following benefits:

  •  Increases disc height to remove tension on the disc rings and spinal nerves.
  •  Increases circulation in the disc, joints of the back and improves nerve flow.
  •  Helps to reposition the nucleus of the disc.
  •  Restores normal spinal joint motions.
  •  Improves posture and body movements while relieving pain.

 What happens in a treatment?
(New patients undergo a thorough examination to determine the patient's diagnosis and course of treatment best suited for their condition. Not all causes of back pain are treated with chiropractic procedures. If you are accepted as a patient for decompression therapy, you will receive the following.)

  •  The patient lies face down on a specially designed table (pillows and the table are positioned for comfort).
  •  Heat is applied to the patient's back using a short wave diathermy unit. (It penetrates much deeper than a regular hot pack.)
  •  Your doctor will use the table, which moves in several directions (up-and-down, side-to-side, rotation), to provide the benefits of decompression.

This is all done in a slow, controlled, gentle manner. All movements of the table are controlled by your doctor. *Beware, other doctors use tables that are computerized and lose the "doctor-patient" conversations, feedback, and personalized modifications that are often required to get you the best results.

Next the patient will be given interferential electrical current therapy to the lower back. This is one of the newest of the sports rehab therapies. It has several programs for tissue healing; circulation, nerve repair and sedation, etc....

Total treatment time takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

At the appropriate time, recommendations for an easy home exercise and strength program will be given to you. This helps reinforce the benefits of decompression therapy, strengthen and balance spinal muscles.

Conditions that my benefit from decompression manipulation:

  •  Failed Back Surgical Syndromes
  •  Disc Herniations/Ruptured Discs/Bulging Discs
  •  Sciatica/Thigh and/or Leg Pain
  •  Stenosis (Narrowing)
  •  Failed Pain Management (Drugs, Spinal Injections, etc.)
  •  Chemical Radiculitis (Inflammation of Nerve)
  •  Synovial Cyst (Like a Joint Blister)
  •   Transitional Segment (Inherited Spinal Shape)

Clinical research, funded by the U.S. Department of Health Resources and Services Administration and the Federation of Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER), has proven that decompression therapy:

  •  Reduces disc pressure
  •  Increases disc height
  •  Increases nerve openings

Clinical research has shown the following regarding treatment frequencies (on average):

  •  It takes 12 visits to maximum improvement
  •  It takes 29 days to maximum improvement (with treatments)
  •  It takes 3 months for a torn disc to heal

For more information on Decompression Therapy please contact our office at 619-427-4747.

Chiropractic Philosophy

The chiropractic perspective on health and disease emphasizes two fundamental concepts:

  1. the structure and condition of the body influences how the body functions and its ability to heal itself; and
  2. the mind-body relationship is instrumental in maintaining health and in the healing processes.

Although chiropractic shares much with other health professions, its emphasis and application of philosophy distinguishes it from modern medicine. Chiropractic philosophy gravitates toward a holistic ("total person") approach to healing which combines elements of the mind, body and spirit and maintains that health depends on obedience to natural laws, and that deviation from such laws can result in illness.

Widespread Use of Chiropractic Care

The increasing interest in alternative forms of care has caught the attention of several health associations and government agencies. A 1993 study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that "The estimated number of visits made in 1990 to providers of unconventional therapy was greater than the number of visits to all primary care medical nationwide," and chiropractic was among the most frequently used non-medical therapies.

A followup report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998 found that the use of non-medical treatments had increased significantly since the 1990 survey, with "overall prevalence of use increased by 25%, total visits by an estimated 47%, and expenditures on services provided by practitioners of alternative therapies by an estimated 45%." Of the survey respondents, one in nine (11%) had used chiropractic care within the previous year.

Healthy Tips for a Healthy Spine

    The following tips can help you take better care of your spine:

  1. Make sure you have a firm mattress that keeps the spine aligned and supports the spine's natural curve. The best sleeping positions are on your back or side.
  2. When standing for extended periods, rest one foot on a small stool to maintain spinal curvature and relieve pressure. The knees should be bent when bending forward. Low-heeled shoes may help by maintaining spinal curvatures and cushioning your weight.
  3. Use chairs that promote good posture and support your back. Placing a lumbar support in the lower portion of your back may help support your spine's natural curve. Readjust the seat of your car so that your knees are level with your hips.
  4. When bending forward, bend at the knees and hips, but keep your back straight. This will help to keep your spine's curvature in proper alignment. When lifting, keep your spine straight while using your legs to do most of the work. Hold the objects being lifted close to your body to keep the weight on your spine to a minimum.

The ABCs of Subluxations

Vertebral subluxations are displacements of the spinal bones (vertebrae) that can cause stress to your spinal cord and nervous system. Subluxations may be caused by poor sleeping habits, poor posture, strenuous exercise, injuries, auto accidents, sports, slips or falls, and in some cases, the birthing process itself.

Chiropractic adjustments are very helpful in correcting subluxations and restoring optimal health.

Personal Injury Accidents

Types of automobile accidents:

There are many different types of automobile accidents that can cause injury and impairment. These car accidents may consist of, but are not limited to, whiplash rear end accidents, front end collisions, left turn collisions, going through stop signs, and running red lights. Others may include speeding, out of control motor vehicles, drunk drivers, rollovers, unsafe lane changes, and broadside collisions. Treating with a chiropractic spinal specialist who understands these injuries, and resultant consequences of each type of impact, is a vital component in treatment and recovery.

Workers Compensation Injuries

One of the most frequent questions patient's ask is: what kinds of injuries or illnesses might be compensated by workers' compensation?

Work related injuries or illnesses are typically covered only when they "arise out of and in the course of employment." There needs to be a connection between the accident that caused the injury/illness and the scope of your employment duties. Examples of compensable injuries are those caused by moving heavy furniture, lifting heavy equipment, repetitive movements and cumulative traumas, slipping on a wet or oily surface, defective machinery, or fires or explosions. Many state workers' compensation programs preclude coverage for injuries which occur while you are not acting within the scope of your employment - such as while you are playing football with friends on your day off. But closer examination of the situation should be made - if you were injured while playing football at a company sponsored picnic, there may be coverage.
There are some specific illnesses which "arise out of and in the course of employment" can be covered under the workers' compensation system where the working conditions present unusual or extraordinary risks of contracting an illness - such as coal miners being able to recover for black lung disease or computer workers for carpal tunnel syndrome. A complete consultation and examination with your chiropractor can help determine whether you have sustained a work related injury and what treatment is necessary.

A Brief History Of Chiropractic

The first recorded chiropractic adjustment was performed on September 18, 1895, by Dr. Daniel David Palmer, a Canadian-born teacher and healer. Dr. Palmer was, at the time, studying the cause and effect of disease. His patient was Harvey Lillard, a janitor working in the same building as Dr. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Lillard, who had complained of hearing problems for over 17 years, allowed Dr. Palmer to examine his spine. Dr. Palmer discovered a "lump" on Mr. Lillard's back and suspected that a vertebra might be out of place, which he then repositioned the vertebra with a gentle thrust. After several such treatments, much of Mr. Lillard's hearing was restored.

Since Dr. Palmer's first chiropractic adjustment, the art and science of chiropractic has progressed significantly. Today, advanced diagnostic procedures, sophisticated equipment, scientific research, and the growing acceptance among other health care professionals makes chiropractic a popular health care choice.