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July 21, 2017
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Experiencing pain in the neck and shoulder areas following an accident or injury is a sign of possible whiplash. Whiplash injuries occur whiplashwhen the head and neck are thrust in a particular direction with extensive force, then whipped back in the opposite direction. The whipping motion can damage spinal vertebrae, ligaments, discs, muscles, joints, and tendons. In Chula Vista, CA, whiplash treatment is available at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center under the care of Dr. Steven Wachs.

Signs of Whiplash Injury

Following a whiplash injury, symptoms are not always readily apparent for several days. It can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for whiplash symptoms to be felt. However, even when pain is not experienced for several days, the injury can still be quite serious. Treatment is important to realign the spine following a whiplash injury. See a chiropractor in Chula Vista for whiplash treatment. Signs of whiplash injury include:

  • Pain in the neck area
  • Pain in the shoulder area
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pins and needles sensation
  • Stiff neck
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Difficulty focusing

Whiplash Treatments

The pain, discomfort, and damage resulting from whiplash injuries can be treated and healed through a variety of treatments and techniques here in Chula Vista. One option is to use anti-inflammatory medications, which can ease the pain and discomfort associated with a whiplash injury. Physical therapy can realign the spine and heal spinal damage caused by whiplash. Physical therapy techniques that are particularly helpful in healing whiplash injuries include:

  • Applying heat to the injury
  • Gentle stretching
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Special exercises for strengthening the neck and back

If you are experiencing any of the signs of whiplash, see a chiropractor for treatment. There are various physical therapy techniques for healing the different types of spinal damage that can occur following a whiplash injury. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Wachs, contact the Wachs Chiropractic Health Center by calling (619) 427-4747.

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May 11, 2017
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How your chiropractor in Chula Vista, California, can help you after an auto accidentcar accidents

Auto accidents are frightening and the trauma can affect your body for a long time afterward. Modern safety equipment in your car can help lessen the trauma, but your body will still be jostled around. You can suffer joint, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries that can keep you sidelined from being active.

Dr. Steven Wachs at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista, CA, wants to help you get relief. He proudly serves the residents of Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido and North County San Diego.

Different types of car accidents affect your body in different ways:

  • If you are hit from the rear, in a "whiplash" type accident, your head, chest, neck and spine can all be injured. These whiplash type traumas result in muscle imbalance, this pulls the spine out of alignment forcing the head forward resulting in pain and oftentimes impairment.
  • If you are hit from the side, your head, chest, lower extremities and abdomen can be injured. You may even suffer damage to your internal organs.
  • If you are hit from the front, your chest and lower extremities are at greater risk of injury in addition to the trauma sustained by the head and neck and spine; and if you are not wearing a seatbelt, you may suffer injuries to your head and face.

To help prevent auto accident injuries, always wear your seatbelt, even for short distances; and always be aware of your surroundings. There are some effective home remedies you can try to get relief immediately. Consider:

  • Resting for the first 24 hours after your auto accident
  • Applying ice or heat to the injured area several times each day
  • Taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain and to reduce swelling
  • Doing gentle stretching exercises to reduce stiffness and prevent loss of motion
  • And if you're pain persists and is not manageable with conservative measures it is recommended to present to the emergency room.

It’s important to visit Dr. Wachs as soon as you can after your accident, even if you feel better. You may have tissue damage or other issues you may not know about. He may suggest:

  • Chiropractic manipulation to increase joint function and range of motion and improve nervous system function.
  • Electrical stimulation to increase circulation and reduce pain by loosening stiff muscles
  • Advanced laser therapy to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, decrease swelling and for pain relief.
  • Therapeutic massage to reduce swelling, tension and pain

If you are in an auto accident, your body may be injured, but the effects may be invisible to you. Your chiropractor can help you heal, so call Dr. Steven M. Wachs at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista, CA. He helps the residents of Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido and North County San Diego and he can help you too, so call today!

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March 22, 2017
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Though exercise and athletic activity is recommended for good health, it also comes with some risks. Many athletes (both adults and sports injurieschildren) unfortunately suffer injuries while playing sports or engaging in strenuous exercise. Prompt treatment is the best way to get back on the field or court, and that help is available at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista, CA. Discover the benefits of getting chiropractic care for sports injuries.

About Sports Injuries
When you're competing in an athletic activity, whether it's an individual sport like running or pole vaulting, or a team sport like football or basketball, there is always a risk of injury. Here are some of the most common sports injuries that chiropractors see:

- fractured ankles or knees
- tennis elbow
- back pains and sprains
- neck pain
- cervical spine injuries
- muscle strains and pains
- injuries to ligaments and tendons
- stress fractures

Getting Help from a Chiropractor
The chiropractic team at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista specializes in helping athletes and enthusiasts with their sports injuries. They offer a number of helpful treatments, including spinal rehabilitation, injury specific therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education; post-injury medical relaxation techniques, massage therapy, hot/cold therapy, and advanced (LLLT) laser therapy. 

Sports Injury Treatment Process and Injury Prevention
Your case is unique and will come with a special plan created by your chiropractor. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and any history of previous sports injuries to discover what is the best course of treatment. You’ll also be asked questions about the source of your pain and how the injury occurred. X-rays and MRI tests will be taken to give your doctor a more comprehensive view of the issue. During and after treatment, it’s important that you follow doctor’s instructions and get the rest you need to full heal before participating in sports. Talk to your chiropractor about how to prevent re-injury, such as wearing a back brace.

Visit Your Chiropractor's Office
The chiropractic team at Wachs Chiropractic Health Center are committed to helping athletes get back on the playing field after sports injuries. Call (619) 427-4747 today to set a date and time for an initial exam with Dr. Steven Wachs at his Chula Vista, CA office.

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February 07, 2017
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Dealing with financial, legal and personal issues after an auto accident can be inconvenient and overwhelming. If you sustained injuries, car accidentthe effects on your body may compound the other problems and have an effect on your entire life. With specialized chiropractic care from Dr. Steven Wachs in Chula Vista, CA, your auto accident-related injuries can be alleviated. Here's how:

What injuries result from auto accidents?

Your chiropractor sees many patients who have experienced injuries as a result of a vehicular collision. Although the nature of injury sometimes depends on the severity of the accident, Dr. Wachs' patients often have whiplash - a neck injury from a sudden, jarring impact - spinal injuries or muscle pain and stiffness after they've been in an auto accident. These injuries can occur in even minor, low-speed accidents and may not be immediately evident. In fact, it can take months before they manifest themselves in the form of headaches or back pain. That's why it's important to schedule an evaluation with your Chula Vista chiropractor as soon as you can after an auto accident.

How are auto accident injuries treated?

The first step to treating auto accident injuries is to take X-rays of the affected area to determine the extent of the problem. After diagnosing your injury, your Chula Vista chiropractor may perform manipulation of the spine - also called adjustment - to improve any misalignment, reduce pressure on the nerves and promote healing. You may also have physical therapy exercises to do at home or you may be referred to other specialists such as an orthopedist or a neurologist. Dr. Wachs' goal is to help restore mobility and reduce any pain associated with the injuries you sustained in your auto accident.

Don't delay in seeking treatment after an auto accident - the earlier you visit your Chula Vista, CA, chiropractor, Dr. Wachs, the better chance you have of making a full recovery. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!

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December 01, 2016
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Know how to best prevent work-related injuries and pain with these simple everyday tips.

Whether you are a desk warrior or you are on your feet all day, there are so many bad habits that could cause pain, discomfort and other back painissues for your body. To keep your body feeling its best, it is vitally important for hard-working professionals to follow some of these helpful tips from our Chula Vista, CA chiropractor, Dr. Steven Wachs, to make sure that spinal misalignments and other problems don’t end up making your workdays more difficult. Here are some ways to make your job a bit more ergonomic:

Change Up Your Office Area

Before you actually start working it’s important to take a look at your workstation and assess little problems that could cause major issues in the long run. Make sure your computer monitor is at eye level so you aren’t hunching over to read your screen or straining your neck.

Consider Your Posture

As the day wears on, it can be easy to pick up bad habits just to get comfortable at your desk, but adopting bad posture can lead to back pain and other issues in the future. To prevent spinal issues and other problems, our chiropractic specialist in Chula Vista recommends keeping your elbows close to your sides and at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure your wrists are straight, particularly when typing (this can prevent painful problems like carpal tunnel syndrome in the future). Make sure that your chair provides your arms with supportive, comfortable armrests. Also, look for a chair that will provide ample support for your back, which can prevent you from slouching or hunching over.

Assess Your Everyday Habits

Do you use the phone a lot? Then consider wearing a headset to prevent yourself from craning your neck to one side to hold the phone between your ear and shoulder. Do you wear eyeglasses during the workday? If so, make sure they fit tightly and properly to prevent yourself from tilting one way or the other. If you still use a mouse, make sure to swap out which hand uses the mouse, whenever possible. When you aren’t typing, remember to give those wrists a break and take them off the keyboard!

Take Stretching Breaks

No one was meant to sit at their desks for hours on end. By moving around to take breaks you can help keep the joints lubricated, the muscles relaxed and prevent stiffness and fatigue. Ideally, you should take about 10-20 second breaks about every 10 minutes. Every 30-60 minutes, take a couple minutes to get out of your seat and stretch or move around a bit.

If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain or other issues, then it’s time you called Wachs Chiropractic Health Center in Chula Vista, CA to find out what’s going on. Countless Americans deal with work-related injuries and pains and it’s our job to help get you back on your feet pain-free. Call us today!

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